Monetize your online and mobile media

Instant access to thousands of exclusive display & mobile premium offers with high payouts.

Maximize your profits with our Performance Network by using custom developed ads and landing urls that you can only find on Ad4Game.

Competitive payment terms (weekly to Net 30) with instant payments on Ad4Game Mastercard, Wire Transfer & PayPal.

Smart Notifications

Receive in real time automated email notifications for the offers you are running when it is getting paused/resumed or its rate is getting changed.


We are direct with all clients and very select with the affiliates we work with and thus we are able to offer you exclusive campaigns and the highest payouts guaranteed.

Fraud Detection

Real Time fraud detection using our own internal tools along with Forensiq and Fraudlogix. We detect in real time: Brand Safety, Domain Masking, Smart Device Fingerprinting , Cloaking Detection, Proxy Unmasking, Fraud Intelligence Database, Forensic Pattern Matching, Device Manipulation Recognition etc…


To make sure you get the best CTR / CR, we offer creatives that have been custom made by Ad4Game and approved by our clients.


We offer a live API that allows you to keep your content updated with our latest offers. Through its methods, you can either retrieve all offers linked to your zoneid or get the creatives files of a specific offer.

Ad4Game publish get access to premium  inventory

We track installs on Mobile devices (iOS & Android). One unique click tracking URL per offer (a same offer can have multiple countries with different payouts)

We support up to 4 subids along with affid (sub affiliate ids) to be passed to our tracking URL so you can filter out the sources of traffic that are not working for you.

We can call your conversion pixel directly from the browser or your Postback url from our server (S2S)

We recommend Voluum tracking solution for all Voluum affiliates to step up their game!