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Does Ad4Game require a contract or minimum term?

There is no contract to sign, nor are you obliged to use Ad4Game any longer than you like. You may discontinue your account by contacting us or simply by removing the Ad4Game HTML code from your website.

How do I start?

Step 1: Sign up as a publisher

Step 2: Send the URLs and ad spots of your publishing websites to in order to get approved.

Step 3: We will send you your ad tags upon approval. You can always retrieve them from your account by clicking on "Generate Ad Tags" on the left menu.

Step 4: Copy and paste each ad tag into the corresponding ad spot, and you're ready to go!

Where can I see my statistics?

  • Dashboard: First page upon sign in. Allows you to see hourly, daily, weekly and monthly stats of impressions, clicks, and ECPM. You can choose to present the results in different types of charts.
  • Statistics: Click on Statistics in the left panel under the Reports menu. Then generate your report by setting the desired Time period (Start and End dates), Filters (ad spots, ad dimensions), Columns (clicks, imperssions, CTR, ECPM, publisher revenue, etc..). You can save the report for future usage. You can also schedule to receive email reports daily, weekly, or monthly.

When do I get paid?

Ad4Game issues payments through paypal in US Dollars every 30 days after the end of the previous month (Net 30).

Is there a minimum amount I have to earn before getting paid?

Your minimum payment is $10.00

Can I use other ad networks in addition to Ad4Game?

Ad4Game has no policy against using multiple ad networks on the same site. You can use our service in conjunction with other ad networks.

Indeed, our system is optimized to show the ads that will perform the best for your website and will generate you the highest income. Even when there are no ad to display, you can have Ad4Game show any other ad network (your Google AdSense ads, Burst, Value Click, etc..) by setting up default ads.

If you currently use another ad network and your Ad place can support banner ads, then we recommend you to try our service along with the other network to optimize your revenues.

You can just put our HTML code on your site. Our ads will appear first and when there are no ads to display, we’ll show your other networks. You’ll always make the most money possible!