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Glossary: CPC, CPM, CPA, Conversion, zone?


CPC: Cost Per Click - online advertising model where advertisers only pay when a user actually clicks on an ad to visit the advertiser’s website.
Ad4Game can run ads on CPC basis and advertisers are not charged for multiple clicks on the same banner by the same visitor in 24 hours.

CPM: Cost Per Thousand Impressions - online advertising model where advertisers pay for each thousand ad views / impressions of their advertisement.
CPM statistics are provided to analyse campaigns.

eCPM: Effective cost per thousand impressions - The cost of a campaign divided by the total number of impressions delivered by that campaign, multiplied by 1000.
Average CPM statistics are provided to analyse campaigns.

CPA: Cost Per Action - online advertising model where advertisers pay for each action (for example player signup or game client download) resulting from their advertisement.
Detailed CPA statistics are provided for the advertisers who use the tracking codes.

CTR: Click Through Ratio - the percentage of ad views/impressions that lead to a click.

How does the Ad4Game Network works?

Ad4Game, "The Internet’s GAME Ad Network ", is an e-commerce site: we sell/buy ad space on/from hundreds of websites related to games.
Whether you are an advertiser looking for the right space to place your ad, or a publisher looking for a simple, yet powerful way to make money and sell ad space on your site, Ad4Game is your network.

What kind of banners does Ad4Game run?

Dimensions: 300x250, 120x600, 200x200, 125x125, 728x90, 468x60 and 160x600
File Types: GIF, JPG, PNG and SWF.
Size limit: 50,000 bytes
Content: ONLY related to game and entertainment.
Restrictions: strong flashing, extreme animation, visual irritation, vulgarity, nudity, violence, racism, MMO gold/item/leveling services.

SWF banners must contain the following action script assigned to the button object which must send the visitor to the advertiser’s website. The banner must contain no click-through URLs and the following code shouldn't be changed.

on (release) {
     if (clickTAG.substr(0,5) == "http:") {

ClickTAG guides:

Which payment methods are available on Ad4Game?

Ad4Game sends/accepts payments through wire transfer or PayPal. All major credit cards are securely accepted as well (if you want to pay using a credit card, please contact us at or select the "Don’t have a PayPal Account" option in the PayPal payment gateway).

Does Ad4Game charge for repeated clicks?

In order to prevent click fraud and to make sure that advertisers are not charged for repeated clicks, Ad4Game uses duplicate click protection. Ad4Game counts only 1 click if the same visitor clicks the same ad many times in 24 hours.