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How do I get started?

Step 1: Sign up as an advertiser

Step 2: Send the URLs of the websites you would like to advertise to in order to get approved.

Step 3: After approval, we will discuss your needs, and we will help you set up an efficient campaign.

Step 4: Make a deposit and you’re ready to go!

When will my ads run?

Your ad campaign will start running as soon as it is approved. The amount of time it takes us to approve an ad is generally less than 2 days.

How much does advertising with Ad4Game cost?

You can create a campaign with Ad4Game that fits your budget. You can purchase ads on a CPC/CPM/CPA basis. You can choose the number of clicks/impressions/conversions you receive daily.

Where will my ads appear?

Your ads will appear on key gaming websites. All our publishers have gaming content.

Where can I see my statistics?

  • Dashboard: First page upon sign in. Allows you to see hourly, daily, weekly and monthly stats of impressions, clicks, and ECPM. You can choose to present the results in different types of charts.
  • Statistics: Click on Statistics in the left panel under the Reports menu. Then generate your report by setting the desired Time period (Start and End dates), Filters (campaign, ad, etc..), Columns (country, clicks, imperssions, cost, etc..). You can save the report for future usage. You can also schedule to receive email reports daily, weekly, or monthly.

How can I track conversions? How do I use the Action Tracking system?

A conversion occurs when a click on your ad leads directly to a user behavior you consider valuable, such as a purchase, a signup, a page view or a lead. Ad4Game has an Action Tracking System to help you track your Ad4Game campaigns.

For each campaign, you can track all the clicks that reach a specific page within your web site. For example, you can track the clicks that reach a download page, the registration success page, the purchase success page, etc..

It works by adding a tracking code to your conversion/action pages. It will help you track the CPA for each campaign, so that you can see which campaigns bring high quality traffic. Each campaign has a different tracking code.